Social Media Strategy & Management

What does that mean?

  •  Figure out your business goals and how to leverage social media to achieve them.

  •  Integrate social media elements into email marketing and traditional marketing efforts.

  •  Develop compelling content that highlights your brand and engages consumers. *This can include: graphic design, photography, blog posts, co-branded content, and blogger collaboration.

  • Develop an influencer marketing strategy, in order to place your product in the hands of influential leaders on social media. 

  • Provide reports and analytics that show results of social media efforts – it means nothing if there is no ROI.


Email Marketing Management

What does that mean?

  •  Organically build an email subscriber list and/or optimize current email subscribers.

  •  Develop a newsletter calendar with clear marketing strategy.

  • Write and design engaging and compelling newsletters to meet business goals.


Copy Writing

What does that mean?

  • Product descriptions

  • Scripts for online videos

  • Website pages

  • Informational articles

  • Clever ad copy